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Jensen Adds Over Fifty Distributors

Article from "The Talking Machine World", July 1928.

Includes Jobbers in All Parts of United States, According to T. A. White, Gen- eral Sales Manager of Company

That the interest in dynamic speakers which was so marked during the Radio Manufacturers' Association Trade Show and Convention held during the week of June 11 at Chicago was more than just curiosity on the part of the thousands of jobbers, distributors and dealers who attended this event is indicated by the business reported by at least one manufacturer of dynamic speakers.

According to Thomas A. White, general sales manager of the Jensen Radio Mfg. Co., fifty-five distributing and jobbing connections for the Jensen dynamic speakers were closed during the week of the Trade Show and Convention. These include jobbers in all parts of the country and in practically every instance are the leading distribution outlets in their respective territories. Indicative of the type of companies who have cast their lot with the Jensen Radio Mfg. Co. for the coming season is the Detroit Electric Co., Detroit, Mich., which has been given exclusive distribution for the lower half of the State of Michigan and will also stock Jensen dynamics at the Toledo and Cleveland, O., branches, and who placed an order for approximately $100,000 worth of Jensen speakers.

Mr. White was more than gratified with the business done by his company at the Chicago trade gathering. "Perhaps," he said, "we had quite a jump on the other fellow as far as dynamic speakers are concerned, due to the fact that we have been manufacturing them for the past twelve months, are far beyond the experimental stage and, what is most important from the standpoint of the jobber and dealer, we are in full production at the present time, ready to take immediate care of the demands of jobbers who have decided to distribute Jensen dynamic speakers for the coming season.

"Prior to the Trade Show and Convention cur organization felt quite certain that one of the chief centers of interest at the RMA annual meeting would be the dynamic speakers, and that a large amount of business would be placed during the week for reproducers of this type. As far as our own experience was concerned, it was well beyond anything we expected.

"During the week of the show we closed with fifty-five new distributors. In practically every instance they are the leading company in the territory in which they operate. Practically all of them placed stock orders for immediate' shipment before leaving Chicago or gave us a figure as to what their requirements would be and confirmed them by formal purchase orders upon their return home.

"Anticipating the demand which we felt sure would materialize, we have been busy getting our production facilities expanded. Our new Chicago plant is being whipped into shape rapidly. Our Oakland factory is working at full capacity. At the present time we are making practically immediate shipment of every order received.

"Reports coming to us from our salesmen, letters from jobbers and dealers, inquiries from set builders and interested owners of radio receivers, indicate a full acceptance of the Jensen dynamic speaker and bear out the many complimentary statements made by those who visited our demonstration rooms at the Stevens Hotel. The pioneering work, the development and research in the perfecting of the dynamic principle and its present application by Peter L. Jensen are readily acknowledged by the trade and are certainly well expressed in the business which our company is enjoying to-day for the dynamic speaker bearing his name."




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